Exploring the Significance of the St. Andrew Bay Watershed

The St. Andrew Bay watershed is a critical coastal ecosystem, and its natural functionality has countless advantages. The interplay between water and land profoundly impacts the overall performance of these ecosystems. Due to the rise and fall of tides, winds, and pollution from surrounding sources, the bay is in constant flux. It is important to recognize that the St. Andrew Bay watershed is Bay County’s most valuable natural resource and we need to come together to protect and preserve it.

Our Mission

To inspire the citizens of Bay County to protect and improve the water quality and ecological integrity of the St. Andrew Bay watershed and foster the next generation of environmental stewards.

We invite you to explore this site, and hope the information provided encourages you to take action and volunteer with us today.

Our Vision

Citizens of Bay County working together to protect and enhance the productivity of the St. Andrew Bay Watershed for present and future generations of watershed stewards.